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KNNS - 1988
nxtoffice - 2020

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Focus solutions

Digital workplace
IT security
Cloud infrastructure
Printing & wideformat

KNNS & nxtoffice specialise in providing IT services to SME companies.

KNNS & nxtoffice are two companies that strengthen each other in collaboration. We are a knowledge organization as well as an online platform: together we implement and facilitate the ideal digital workplace where security is always the starting point.

As an IT partner KNNS migrates organizations to the ideal, but above all secure digital workplace. The focus is on the highest attainable level of IT security, always in combination with 24/7 preventive management and monitoring of the IT environment.

While KNNS focuses on implementing the ideal workplace, nxtoffice provides the solutions that go with it. A one-stop shop for everything: from state-of-the-art meeting systems, luxury workplace, network and data management solutions, to the best laptops, printers and accessories.

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Why does an entrepreneur choose to join TSH? What benefits did they see and experience? We asked them:

"Together with the other companies within TSH, we form a powerful front in the market and can accelerate."

Coert Tempelman, Managing Director of KNNS & nxtoffice: “Because we know how to combine experience and quality well, we surprise customers time and again with our IT services & solutions for the ideal workplace.

The talented team at KNNS & nxtoffice has worked hard in recent years to make this happen. We have now reached the point where we are ready for the “next step,” and with TSH on board as an experienced, ambitious partner, we are going to make quick work of that.

Together with the other companies within TSH, we form a powerful front in the market and can accelerate. We greatly look forward to having other organizations join TSH and make growth ambitions a reality.”

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KNNS & nxtoffice are some off the market leaders in IT for SME, and TSH can help them maintain and expand that position.